10.5K List Of Verified Emails Included !! Multithreaded SMTP Mailer! Send Automated Bulk Emails To Your Customers. List Options: - Import Emails From CSV. - Add HTML/ Plain Text messages. - Statistics Display Total Emails, Emails Sent, Emails Not Sent, and Failed Emails. - Show Logs / Last Error Logs. - Specify Number Of Emails To be Sent From each SMTP Server. - TLS 1.3 Mode - Reset Database ( Start Sending From beginning by Using "Reset all emails when all are sent"). - Reset Failed Emails when all are sent ("Re-Send Failed Emails"). - Send All Option Which Automates the process and you can use sub options "Reset Failed Emails when all are sent" or use "Reset all emails when all are sent" . - Waiting Time (Limit). https://thejavasea.com/resources/smtp-mailer-multithreaded-thejavasea.175/