Affirmative action isn’t racist because there are waay too many studies to count that proves that whites would rather hire an unqualified white with a criminal record for a job over a qualified black person. Affirmative action isn’t racist because whites have proven that they can’t be trusted to be “fair”. Or even just have plain ole common sense to hire the more qualified minority. WE CAN’T TRUST YOU. Get it? Why don’t stop this racist and classist school zoning that puts whites in great schools while blacks get shoved in sub par schools that run out of toilet paper halfway through the week. Racism is real people WAKE THE **** UP! Leave your ego at the door and DEAL with the issue. Stop trying to justify discrimination. The people here are hard wired into thinking that white is better for historical reasons. October 12, 2009 at 3:14 pm Jessie Maims says: “Like is said preferences are racist because you think one is better than the other and think that there is no possible way you can be compatible with a black female she is is TOO DIFFERENT for males depsite the fact the we all grow up in the same culture. It stems from the fact that black don’t have much social capital and that they came here on slave ships.” But we don’t have the same culture. Blacks and whites have similar cultures with lots of overlapping, due to centuries of living in the same country together, but due to de facto and de jure segregation during the majority of that time, differences have emerged. However, the reason is perceived physical difference more than cultural difference. Many, many men have bridged much larger cultural gaps for a woman that they find physically attractive, and vice versa. If the culture excuse is used for cultures that are as similar as black and white American cultures are, she’s/he’s probably not that into you. If social capital is the issue, why are “model minority” men competing for last place with black guys?